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Bookreporter Talks To

Mar 25, 2022

Lisa See was our guest for our March “Bookaccino Live” Book Group event where we discussed her first book On Gold Mountain with readers. Lisa is known for her on-hands approach to researching and writing historical fiction. On Gold Mountain is a work of nonfiction, originally published in 1995. It is an exploration of 100 years of her family history, beginning with her great-great-grandfather's arrival in America in 1867 from China. Lisa spent years traveling and researching, diving into family stories, and carefully pulling together transcripts to write this multi-generational work.

Lisa talks to Carol about her quest to seek her family history and the discoveries she made along the way. Following their discussion, the conversation was opened to questions from the audience. And yes, Lisa shares a glimpse into what’s next, her new book is now slated for March 2023.

Book Discussed in the Episode

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Photography Credit: Greg Fitzgerald