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Bookreporter Talks To

Jan 4, 2022

New York Times bestselling novelist James Rollins talks to Austin Ruh about his latest fantasy novel, The Starless Crown, the start of his new Moon Fall series. Best known for his Sigma Force thriller series, James has written across genres, including thrillers, sci fi, and now fantasy.

The Starless Crown follows three characters in a world that has stopped turning on its axis. When a blind girl, Nyx, foresees the end of the world, the kingdom attempts to kill her before she can speak out. The prince of this kingdom, who was unknowingly sent to his death, helps her escape. Meanwhile, a thief escapes from prison chains with what may be the answer to the end of times.

James talks to Austin about bringing what he learned from thrillers to the fantasy genre. They discuss his path to becoming a writer, inspirations for his world building, and the collaboration that took place to make this fantasy world a reality.

Book Discussed in this Episode:
The Starless Crown by James Rollins

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