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Bookreporter Talks To

Sep 19, 2023

John Sargent joins Carol Fitzgerald to talk about his memoir, TURNING PAGES: The Adventures and Misadventures of a Publisher. John spent four decades in the world of publishing and concluded his career in 2020 at Macmillan when he was fired, which completely surprised people in the industry. For years he fought for what he believed was right for authors, readers and the “publishing ecosystem,” the latter of which is a phrase he used again and again.

But while this book is about his time in publishing, John touches on so much more. He explains how his boyhood in Wyoming influenced him as much as his time with bestselling authors. John and Carol talk about the details in some of his essays, which include a lot of humor and self-deprecation. It’s an inside look at what really is a wonderful life.

Stay until the end to hear about the cover of the book and the image that was used there. It, like the book, is all about the details.

Book discussed in this episode: 

TURNING PAGES by John Sargent:

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Art Credit: Tom Fitzgerald

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