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Bookreporter Talks To

Mar 21, 2022

John Searles joins Carol Fitzgerald to talk about his latest novel, Her Last Affair. The book opens with the sentence, “Every marriage has its secrets," and those secrets are what drive the plot.

Skyla is a burnt-out nurse stuck with the regrets of her marriage and her late husband, Linelle is bored in her long-time marriage, and Jeremy is reminiscing on heartbreak. The book has been described as a Coen brothers picture, and that description is dead on.

John’s first idea for this book came as he traveled home to see his mom and saw a closed drive-in movie theatre. There is something iconic and mysterious about this setting. John and Carol both worked in magazines and they spend some time doing a homage to what was with magazines, and about what has changed about them. They also used to have gossipy conversations on 57th Street when they worked nearby each other, and this interview is like taking you behind the scenes for one of their dishy chats.

Book Discussed in the Episode:
Her Last Affair by John Searles

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Photography Credit: Greg Fitzgerald