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Bookreporter Talks To

Jun 18, 2021

Joshua Henkin joins Carol Fitzgerald to discuss his new novel, Morningside Heights. As the author of four novels, Joshua also directs the MFA Fiction Writing program at Brooklyn College.

In Morningside Heights, Pru Steiner falls in love with her Shakespeare professor, Spence. Marrying him means ending her ambition to make a name for herself in New York academia. Decades later, Spence is diagnosed with Alzheimers, and Pru must come to terms with the impact of that on her life. Layer in a stepson who walks to his own beat and a daughter who is in medical school, and it’s both the story of a marriage and of a family.

Joshua Henkin discusses his characters and gives insight into how they each drive the story in Morningside Heights while also talking about the parallels to his own life. Carol talks to Joshua about what it's like to write as a full time creative writing professor and the ways in which his career motivates his writing work.

Book Discussed in this Episode:

Morningside Heights by Joshua Henkin

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Photography Credit: Greg Fitzgerald