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Bookreporter Talks To

Jun 25, 2020

Julie Clark's new novel, The Last Flight, has what it takes to be the thriller of Summer 2020. In this interview Julie talks with Carol about the logistics of constructing this setup for a thriller, especially of the decisions that kept this story as feasible as possible. Carol asks about the nature of each character's past and, without spoiling anything, she opens conversation about how secrets are so successfully revealed over the course of this story. With so many mysteries at play, Julie explains how she planned both plot and character to make this such a riveting read. In The Last Flight, two women switch places to get a chance at a new life. Claire, who married into a political dynasty that she wants out of, meets Eva in an airport bar. On a whim, the two decide to trade tickets and board the other’s flight. But one of the planes goes down, and suddenly Claire realizes this is her chance to disappear and start a new life. But soon she learns that not only is she running from her old identity, as she learns that Eva had secrets of her own that could put her at risk.

Books discussed in this episode:

The Last Flight by Julie Clark

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