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Bookreporter Talks To

Jun 30, 2021

Kate White joins Carol Fitzgerald to talk about her latest novel, The Fiancée, a stand-alone thriller in a locked-in scenario.

The Fiancée is set on a sixty-acre estate, where Summer, her husband Gabe, her nine-year-old stepson Henry, and other members of the family have gathered for an annual summer reunion. Enter Hannah, Summer's brother-in-law's new girlfriend, who seems familiar to Summer but claims they've never met. When a member of the family dies, Summer starts an investigation of her own to prove it couldn't have been natural causes after all, thinking Hannah must have been involved and needs to be exposed. Kate and Carol worked together years ago at Mademoiselle magazine. Kate went on to other magazine positions, namely as the Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan. Kate talks about how she moved from editing from Cosmo to novels, and the lessons she learned in the process. She also talks about how she pursues her craft and lends an insider look at her next book.

Book Discussed This Episode:

The Fiancée by Kate White

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Photography Credit: Greg Fitzgerald