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Jan 26, 2022

Katherine Faulkner talks to Carol Fitzgerald about her debut novel, Greenwich Park, the plot of which came to Katherine when she was in a prenatal class. She looked at the other women and realized they were all pregnant, and there was a feeling they all should be friends. Greenwich Park begins with Helen and her strange encounter in her prenatal class where she meets Rachel, who has latched on to Helen. At first, Helen appreciates the companionship, but as time goes on Rachel becomes more erratic, and Helen begins to feel she needs to find some way to escape this irrational creature.

Katherine talks to Carol about the friends we make at early stages of our lives and the difficulty of making new ones later. That became the perfect start to a thriller. Carol and Katherine swap some tales from their own prenatal classes -- ones that still make them laugh. They also talk about Katherine's work as an award-winning journalist and investigative reporter, and the inspiration that comes from interviewing people from all walks of life.

Books Discussed in this Episode:

Greenwich Park by Katherine Faulkner

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Photography Credit: Greg Fitzgerald