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May 4, 2021

Mark Sullivan joins Carol Fitzgerald to talk about his new historical thriller, THE LAST GREEN VALLEY. Many readers know Mark from his last historical novel, BENEATH A SCARLET SKY, which was a mega-bestseller. THE LAST GREEN VALLEY book is eagerly anticipated.

THE LAST GREEN VALLEY here opens in the Ukraine, where the Martel family is offered two options: wait for Stalin to arrive, or run with the Nazis who will protect them. Neither is a great choice, but they choose the latter. As Ethnic Germans, they begin a trek to get as far west as they can. The family, which includes Emil and Adeline Martel and their two young boys, first travel with a wagon and two horses, and later they pull a cart with their belongings.

Mark talks about how he came upon their story in Bozeman, his current hometown, and how it ticked all the boxes about a story that he would want to write. He shares stories about his research trip to the Ukraine with the two Martel brothers, who are now in their late seventies and eighties. Mark talks about pacing and what he learned from years of co-writing with James Patterson. And he shares a bit about what his next book is going to be about. Mark’s passion for his work comes through in both his writing – and in talking about his books.

It’s a conversation that you will not want to miss!

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