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Jul 27, 2021

Megan Miranda joins Carol Fitzgerald to talk about her latest thriller, Such a Quiet Place, which is a locked-in thriller.

The setting is the idyllic neighborhood of Hollow's Edge, where the residents are also employed by the local college. It’s a convivial place where everyone looks out for one another. The community is reeling from the murder of two neighbors, the Truetts, and a year later, this cozy oasis has become stifling. The residents can't sell their homes and tensions are still at a high. One of the neighbors, Ruby, was convicted of murdering the Truetts, but her murder conviction was overturned and she has waltzed back into the neighborhood. Now Hollow's Edge turns on itself, and threatening notes are spread. As they start to wonder who the next victim may be, Harper, who Ruby lived with, does whatever she can to uncover the truth.

Megan and Carol talk about the conflict that can grow in small communities, as well as how Megan gained experiences to write a book set such a closeted setting. Carol nails Megan’s favorite lines in the book, which give nothing away. Also, as Rebekkah Ross has narrated all of Megan’s adult thrillers, they talk about what she brings to the storytelling. They chat about the upcoming adaptation for The Last House Guest, which is in television development as a series by Dakota and Elle Fanning’s Lewellen Pictures and MRC Television.

Books Discussed in This Episode:

Such a Quiet Place by Megan Miranda

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Photography Credit: Greg Fitzgerald