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Nov 3, 2021

Nicole Baart joins Carol Fitzgerald to talk about her latest thriller, Everything We Didn't Say, which is the #1 Book of the Month Club selection for October and a Bookreporter Bets On pick.

Everything We Didn't Say is set in small town in Iowa and is told in dual time periods. The earlier time period follows siblings Juniper and Jonathan, who grow up on a small farm. Juniper leaves when she's 19, shortly after a neighboring farm couple are murdered. For years, Jonathan has been a prime suspect. Now Juniper is back to defend him, and a true-crime podcaster is hot on the trail of the unsolved mystery. The story is a slow burn that gets more and more intense as the pages flip, and Carol talks about how she did not see the ending coming.

Nicole loves true-crime podcasts and talks about their influence on her. She shares what attracts her to writing about small towns, as well as her inspiration for the story. She talks about her nonprofit organization, One Body One Hope, its mission, and how it impacted her life. And we get to hear a little about what she's working on next.

Book Discussed in This Episode:

Everything We Didn't Say by Nicole Baart

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Photography Credit: Greg Fitzgerald