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Jan 18, 2022

Nita Prose talks to Carol Fitzgerald about her debut novel, The Maid, which is Good Morning America’s Book Club Pick for January, as well as a Bookreporter Bets On selection.

The Maid is the story of Molly, a socially challenged hotel maid who prides herself on delivering top service to the guests at the Regency Grand Hotel. One day she comes upon a wealthy hotel guest, who is dead in his bed. All fingers point towards Molly as his killer, and she works to unravel this mystery of what happened to Mr. Black to free herself as a suspect.

Nita shares how she came upon the idea for this book, and how those scribbled notes became the prologue. She shares how her day job as the Editorial Director of a Canadian publishing house influenced her. She shared how sometimes pushing your characters into small settings makes them bigger personalities. They talk about the quote at the end of the book, which Carol already has hanging on her office wall.

Nita was also interviewed on Good Morning America, which you can see here:

Books Discussed in this Episode:

The Maid by Nita Prose

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Photography Credit: Greg Fitzgerald