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Bookreporter Talks To

May 21, 2021

Robert Kolker, the New York Times bestselling author of Hidden Valley Road, was our May “Bookaccino Live” Book Club guest.

Hidden Valley Road, which is now available in paperback, follows the true story of the Galvin family, which was upended by acute schizophrenia in the 1960's and 1970's. At that time, the family hid any suspicion of their abnormal lives, but under the curtain was a history of psychological breakdowns, sudden violence, and abuse. In their conversation, Robert discusses in depth his research and writing process and also highlights the reception his book received from the Galvin siblings. He shares what has been developing to treat this illness.

With this opportunity to have a live book group discussion with readers who already had read the book, Kolker dove deep into the narrative without the fear of spoiling anything. Stay tuned to hear the great questions from our readers, and know that if you've already read Hidden Valley Road, there's plenty of background you will take away from this interview.

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