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Jul 15, 2021

Scott Shepherd joins Carol Fitzgerald to talk about his thriller, The Last Commandment, which is the first in a series. They cover a lot of turf here; Scott has had the idea for this book for a while now and talks about how he played around with the it decades before writing it. They spoke in depth about the characters, why he chose London and New York for settings, and where he may go in future books.

Scott was a longtime writer/producer/show-runner with years of experience running network television series, and talks about the different challenges between writing for the screen and writing for a novel. The conversation about television writers’ rooms will give you a great idea of how things come together on the small screen. His family has a real Hollywood history. His great grandfather was Louis B Mayer from MGM, so he shares some fun stories of growing up, when celebrities were just friends of the family. Wait until you hear who read him bedtime stories.

Books Discussed This Episode:

The Last Commandment by Scott Shepherd

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Photography Credit: Greg Fitzgerald