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Oct 28, 2021

Wade Rouse joins Carol Fitzgerald to talk about The Secret of Snow, his latest novel written under his pen name, Viola Shipman.

Set in Northern Michigan, it’s the story of a Palm Springs meteorologist who heads back to her frigid hometown after she is replaced by a virtual meteorologist that will never age, gain weight, or renegotiate its contract. Now she has to confront her past --- and try to move forward in the town she ran from years ago.

Wade talks about how deeply personal this book was for him. They discuss Ginger Zee, the history of snowmen, winter sports, and Wade’s snowbird life in Palm Springs. He also talks about what’s next for him in fiction writing as Viola Shipman -- The Edge of Summer coming July 2022 -- and in nonfiction with a new memoir, Magic Season: A Son's Story, coming in May 2022.

Book discussed in this episode:
The Secret of Snow by Viola Shipman

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Photography Credit: Greg Fitzgerald