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May 18, 2023

Alice Elliott Dark talks to Carol Fitzgerald about the writing of her book, FELLOWSHIP POINT, which took 20 years to complete. It was one of Carol’s favorite books of 2022, and she read it more slowly than usual, enjoying both the story and the brilliant use of language.

Alice shares how the characters evolved and how one had a central role until she saw the story was headed in a different direction. The development of the friendship between Agnes and Polly was one that felt very natural to her, with its ebbs and flows. And the secrets that they kept from each other only enhanced them as characters. The plot has at its core a piece of land that has been held by family members for centuries, and what should happen to it as this generation passes. Agnes wants it to be held by a land trust, but can that prevail?

Alice also talked about her current project, where she is picking up with the characters who readers came to know in her story, “In the Gloaming,” which first appeared in The New Yorker in 1993. It inspired two memorable film adaptations. The discussion was brisk, and from it listeners will come to see why Alice is so beloved --- and why we want the next book in less than 20 years.

Book discussed in this episode: 

FELLOWSHIP POINT by Alice Elliott Dark:

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Art Credit: Tom Fitzgerald

Edited by Jordan Redd Productions