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Bookreporter Talks To

Dec 10, 2022

Carol Fitzgerald and Tom Donadio talk to 11 Bookreporter reviewers about their top three books of 2022. Narrowing their selections down to just three was a challenge for many of them!


You can see the books that they discussed here


The covers for each of these titles, along with picks from two reviewers who were not able to attend, can be found in a special blog post here (


We have timestamped the video, so if you would like to hear from a specific reviewer, you easily can do that.


0:00 - Introduction
1:26 - Norah Piehl
12:25 - Eileen Zimmerman Nicol
18:55 - Bronwyn Miller
31:04 - Kate Ayers
41:53 - Sarah Rachel Egelman
53:58 - Harvey Freedenberg
1:04:30 - Rebecca Munro
1:17:33 - Pamela Kramer
1:35:50 - Stuart Shiffman
1:50:05 - Megan Elliott
2:00:27 - Ray Palen 
2:17:23 - Outro