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Feb 1, 2022

Heather Gudenkauf joins Carol Fitzgerald to talk about her latest, The Overnight Guest, which is a Bookreporter Bets On selection. Heather is the New York Times bestselling of nine novels; Carol discovered her with her debut novel, The Weight of Silence.

The Overnight Guest has a chilling setting figuratively and literally. Wylie, a true crime writer, is snowed in while she writes her book in a house where, decades earlier, two people were murdered and a young girl disappeared. As a blizzard swirls outside, she finds a child in the snow. Wylie realizes the story she is writing may not end up the way she thinks. Heather shares the wild story of how this idea came to her. She also talks about the challenges in writing dual timelines, especially when it was so key to the backstory get right. She walks us through how she begins with handwritten copy, and how she then works with her editor to hone the writing.

Books Discussed in this Episode:
The Overnight Guest by Heather Gudenkauf

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Photography Credit: Greg Fitzgerald