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Bookreporter Talks To

Jul 29, 2020

Jill McCorkle joins “Bookreporter Talks To” to discuss her latest novel, Hieroglyphics. The idea for the novel came from two actual events. The first was the 1942 Cocoanut Grove Fire in Boston, and the second was a train wreck in Rennert, North Carolina. Both of those got Jill thinking about the families of those who passed away and what the impact of those accidents were on people’s lives. The story explores this through the lens of a retired married couple, Lil and Frank, who each experienced a loss in those accidents. Now living in North Carolina, Lil is creating a history of their lives to leave behind for their children, while Frank goes back to the house he grew up in to search for some history he might have left behind. There are many secrets that have been hidden for both of them. Layer in a young single mom raising her son in Frank’s old house, and readers will have an even bigger story woven for them. Carol talks about the careful way you'll want to read Jill’s books so you don't miss small but meaningful details, and Jill shares a surprise she layered in for readers of her 2013 book, Life After Life.

Books discussed in this episode:

Hieroglyphics by Jill McCorkle

Life After Life by Jill McCorkle

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