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Bookreporter Talks To

May 24, 2023

Linwood Barclay joins Carol Fitzgerald to talk about his latest thriller, THE LIE MAKER. They delve into its theme of witness protection --- and the protagonist Jack’s quest to find his father, who entered the WITSEC program years ago. They talk about witness protection and the interesting role with which Jack is presented. Linwood’s love of cars once again finds its way into this story. He also shares something that he has had in his desk for over 50 years and what it means to him. Carol thinks this is his best book, as does Bookreporter reviewer Ray Palen. The pages fly by, and the ending comes at you full barrel.

Book discussed in this episode: 

THE LIE MAKER by Linwood Barclay:

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Art Credit: Tom Fitzgerald

Edited by Jordan Redd Productions