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Bookreporter Talks To

Feb 25, 2022

Lisa Scottoline was our guest at the Bookaccino Live Book Club to talk about her New York Times bestselling historical fiction novel, Eternal.

Eternal is a sweeping epic set in Rome as fascism takes hold. Elisabetta's childhood best friends, Sandro and Marco, both try to win her heart. But when World War II begins and Mussolini takes on more control, everything they know about life changes. Elisabetta is faced with survival, betrayal, and heartbreak.

During this discussion, Lisa and Carol took a deep dive into the book, in which Lisa shared details about her research and inspiration. She talked about the ethical choices her characters had to face and how writing this book influenced her worldview and writing process. Readers joined the live event to ask questions of their own on camera.

--A map of the locations that are in the book, along with videos from Lisa can be found here:

Eternal by Lisa Scottoline

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Photography Credit: Greg Fitzgerald