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Bookreporter Talks To

Jun 13, 2023

Lisa See joins Carol Fitzgerald to talk about her new novel, LADY TAN’S CIRCLE OF WOMEN, which is a Bookreporter Bets On selection. Lisa explains how she got the idea for this book, inspired by the true story of a woman physician from 15th-century China, which was different from the one she planned to write. She later discovered that Tan Yunxian had written a book, and it had been translated into English. From there, she headed down a rabbit hole of research to ensure that her storytelling was on point. Lisa shares why she writes in the first person and how she strives to get every detail right. She also talks about how women have been viewed in China through the centuries and speaks in-depth about the marriage bed that is in the book, one that she played in as a child in the family store. And for those who want to know what she is writing next, be sure to listen to the end.

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Art Credit: Tom Fitzgerald

Edited by Jordan Redd Productions