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Sep 30, 2022

Lynda Cohen Loigman joins Carol Fitzgerald to talk about her new historical novel, THE MATCHMAKER’S GIFT. Lynda was writing something else when Lynda’s daughter brought her roommate home when their college classes shut down during the pandemic. The three of them ended up watching “Indian Matchmaking” on Netflix, and the roommate piped up and said that her grandmother had been a matchmaker. This sparked an idea for Lynda. Suddenly she found herself casting the book that she was writing aside to tell the story of a Jewish matchmaker who had been born in 1910, along with that of the matchmaker’s granddaughter, a divorce lawyer in 1994.

THE MATCHMAKER’S GIFT is laced with lots of historical details about matchmaking and Rabbinical courts, and is peppered with Yiddish expressions. Lynda talks about how she nails her storytelling --- and shares wonderful details about how she approached her research.

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Photography Credit: Greg Fitzgerald

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