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Feb 5, 2021

Sharon Virts joins us to discuss her debut novel, Masque of Honor: A Historical Novel of the American South. Inspiration for this book came as Sharon was restoring the historic home where she now lives, called Selma. During her restoration research, she learned about the home’s original owners, and that set her on a path to learn more about the people who lived in the early 1800s.
In Masque of Honor, two young aristocrats grow up together as friends and rivals. Their push and pull for power leads to a shocking duel, which changes the lives around them. It’s based on historic fact, but is infused with lively storytelling.
Sharon and Carol talk about what anchors us in history, such as ancient houses and long forgotten relics. Since this is her first book, Sharon shares the details about her journey crafting the story and the editing that brought improvements to each draft. She also talks about what she wants to share about women in her writing, which comes after years of running a company that had about 5,000 employees the day she sold it.

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Masque of Honor by Sharon Virts

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