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Bookreporter Talks To

Apr 10, 2023

Susan Patterson and Susan DiLallo join Carol Fitzgerald to talk about their novel, THINGS I WISH I TOLD MY MOTHER. Both of them enjoyed life with their mothers, who lived well into their 90s. So they decided to write a fictional title about a mother and daughter duo. In the book, Laurie works in advertising and loves new experiences. Her mom is the famous “Dr. Liz,” an elegant perfectionist who is renowned and receives great praise wherever she goes. They embark on a trip to Paris and Norway (the latter is where Liz grew up). The Susans explained where the idea came from, how they worked together, and what they infused from their own adventure in Norway into the story. A number of Bookreporter readers read an advance copy of the book, and many of their comments (they loved it) are shared throughout the conversation, making it a tad different from other interviews that we have done.

Book discussed in this episode: 

THINGS I WISH I TOLD MY MOTHER by Susan Patterson and Susan DiLallo:

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Art Credit: Tom Fitzgerald

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