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Oct 27, 2022

Thrity Umrigar joins Carol Fitzgerald to talk about her latest book (her 10th), HONOR, which has just been published in paperback. Carol first read Thrity’s novel, THE SPACE BETWEEN US, back in 2006, which made a big impression on her. The same can be said of HONOR.

Thrity talks about the reporting that Ellen Berry did for the New York Times that drew her to want to tell the story of Smita, an Indian-born reporter who has been asked to cover a story for a colleague. Smita left India as a child, and she has been reluctant to return. She will be covering the trial of two brothers. They have been charged with killing the husband of their sister, Meena, who in the wake of this tragedy has been horrifically burned. The reason for the crime? Meena’s family is Hindu, and her husband was Muslim. In this village, such merging of cultures is unacceptable. Thrity talks about the difference between life in the city and the smaller villages. She also shares that she always sees a story right from the start and parses it out as she writes.

And before you feel that this interview was all intellectual, do note that Carol confesses to watching both “Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives” and “Indian Matchmaking” on Netflix. Thrity chides her about it.

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