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Bookreporter Talks To

Oct 30, 2019

Carol Fitzgerald from talks to Heather Morris about her most recent New York Times Bestseller, Cilka's Journey, as well as her runaway bestseller, The Tattooist of Auschwitz. In their thought-provoking conversation, they discuss the aftermath of the Holocaust, life in the Gulag labor camps, and the...

Oct 24, 2019

Carol Fitzgerald from talks to Nelson DeMille and his son, Alex DeMille, about their newest thriller, The Deserter and first collaboration. Nelson shares the effect his time in the army had on his writing and discusses the only past collaboration he's had. Alex discusses his transition to novel writing...

Oct 17, 2019

Carol Fitzgerald from Bookreporter talks to Marjan Kamali about her latest book, The Stationery Shop, which is a Bookreporter Bets On selection.

Discussed in this interview:

The Stationery Shop

Together Tea

Oct 15, 2019

Carol Fitzgerald from Bookreporter talks to Karen White about her latest book in the Tradd Street Series, The Christmas Spirits of Tradd Street. Karen also goes in depth on her experiences with Beatriz Williams and Lauren Willig in writing their collaborative book, All the Ways We Said Goodbye.



Oct 11, 2019

Carol Fitzgerald from Bookreporter talks to Raymond Khoury about his new book, EMPIRE OF LIES. They discuss the complexities of time travel in stories and the ways in which Raymond's research helped him construct a fully realized, modern-day Ottoman Empire.

They also talk about his "Templar past" with Steve Berry, as...