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Bookreporter Talks To

Apr 13, 2021

Lisa Scottoline, the #1 bestselling author of 33 novels, joins Carol Fitzgerald to talk about her first work of historical fiction, ETERNAL, a sweeping historical epic inspired by true events. Lisa shares the inspiration for ETERNAL, which was four decades in the making. The seeds of it were sown during a class she took at the University of Pennsylvania. The class was taught by Philip Roth, and the fictional works of Primo Levi were part of the curriculum. She was drawn to write about the rise of Fascism and Mussolini in Italy and how the invasion of the Nazis put the lives of Italian Jews in jeopardy.

Told through the eyes of three childhood friends -- Elisabetta, Marco, and Sandro -- the book makes the story of heartbreak, betrayal, and loss a personal one.

Lisa shares details of her research for the book, including a trip to Italy where she created the videos that she has shared with readers on her website. It’s a riveting conversation about the book she feels she was destined to write.

Book discussed in this episode:

ETERNAL by Lisa Scottoline

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